ISO 9001 Certification



The Certification Scope is “Printing and marketing of advertising products”.

Quality Policy

Plural, Advertising Solutions is aware of the strategic importance of quality for the success and valorization of its company.


Thus, we commit ourselves to the implementation and certification of our Quality Management System, with the aim of complying with the international standard NP EN ISO 9001 requirements, and continuously improvingall the organization processes.


Plural, Advertising Solutions, with the printing and marketing of advertising products as its main focus, is organized to assure:


1. ROI (Return on Investment) – in order to ensure ongoinginvestment by the Administration, the company needs to provide good returns from its investments;


2. Customer satisfaction and retention – byproviding services that comply with the requirements and needs, and if possible, the expectationsofits customers and users;


3. Satisfaction and involvement of its employees – valuing them professionally and providing appropriate conditions forthe performance of their duties;


4. Cooperation with its main suppliers – through the provision of expertise and information as an attempt towardsmutual growth;


5. Satisfaction and recognition of the community involved –by complying with the applicable legislation and, if possible, collaborating in the cultural development of the society.


Plural, Advertising Solutions relies on these principles, and hopes for an active and responsible attitude from all its employees, in order to promote anongoing improvement and efficiency of its quality management system, committed to assure the technical, financial and human resources required for this project.


The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of every employee and subcontractor involved in, and committed to, this project.

Quality Policy dated 25-01-2016

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